PrTMS for PTSD in Military Combat Veterans


Emerging data suggest that post-tramautic stress disorder (PTSD) arises from disrupted brain default mode network (DMN) activity manifested by dyregulated encephalogram (EEG) alpha oscillations.

Hence, we pursued the treatment of combat veterans with PTSD (n=185) using an expanded form of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) termed personalized-rTMS (PrTMS). In this treatment methodology spectral EEG based guidance is used to iteratively optimize symptom resolution via (1) stimulation of multiple motor sensory and frontal cortical sites at reduced power, and (2) adjustments of cortical treatment loci and stimulus frequency during treatment progression based on a proprietary frequency algorithm (PeakLogic, Inc. San Diego) identifying stimulation frequency in the DMN elements of the alpha oscillatory band.

Following 4-6 weeks of PrTMS therapy in addition to routine PTSD therapy, veterans exhibited signifant clinical improvement accompanied by increased cortical alpha center frequency and alpha oscillatory synchronization.

To read the full article, we will be providing the full PDF soon.

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