Brain Health Restoration Illinois stands at the forefront of patient care, utilizing unique, compassionate, and noninvasive approaches to transform lives. We help you craft your very own personalized journey to wellness.

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Doctors all across the country trust US with their patients.

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Our culture is to continuously learn and discover the latest and greatest treatments and science for our patients.


Our treatment modalities are non-invasive, done in a relaxing spa like environment

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Welcome to Brain Health Restoration of Illinois. BHR Illinois defines success by your transformative journey towards brain health wellness, emphasizing collaboration as partners rather than mere providers. We believe that optimal well-being is the key to a healthy mind. BHR specializes in a diverse range of treatments, blending non-pharmaceutical approaches, such as neuromodulation (TMS & MeRT), personalized baseline tests and cutting-edge psychedelic therapies.

We strive to assist in addressing the root causes affecting one's mental health. Each journey is unique, therefore, so is our care -- personalized to fit your path, whether you're seeking symptom relief or aiming for peak mental performance. We're a team of individuals united by personal experiences with mental health, committed to life optimized, and well-lived.

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We believe in incorporating Psychedelic-Assisted Ketamine Therapy, Nutrition, Exercise, Biomarker testing (to identify inflammation) and Integrative Family Therapy in order to incorporate long lasting change.


Understanding the profound impact of depression, we provide personalized and evidence-based approaches to help guide you to a more balanced future.


We offer compassionate, drug-free and innovative solutions to manage anxiety, utilizing the latest advancements in neuroscience.


We provide a safe, nurturing environment for overcoming PTSD. Employing cutting-edge therapies that are tailored to heal and empower individuals.


We embrace the unique perspectives and needs of those with autism and their caretakers. We offer specialized, supportive therapies that enhance their abilities and promote a fulfilling life.

Peak Performance

Our Wellness platform, designed by a local Neurosurgeon, addresses the body's ability to heal itself and reach an optimal level of functioning for athletes and High Performers looking for that next level of performance.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep is a foundation to optimal health and well-being. Our patients often report an increase in quality sleep and circadian rhythm patterns.


We offer a safe and confidential healing environment for those suffering from addiction. We strive to collaborate with patient's caregivers to establish a unified continuum of care.

If you or your loved one is experiencing a crisis now, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or call 911.



IV Ketamine

Mental health treatment


Rapid acting

Rapid relief

Good for treatment resistant patients

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Intranasal spray

NMDA receptor antagonist

Ketamine therapy

Combating depression

Good for treatment resistant patients

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Correct brainwave disruptions

Personalize for each patient

Low amplitude, non-invase

Incorporate patient biometric data (EEG)

Better sleep & socialization

Approved by a qualified PrTMS® provider *

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Tailored per individual

Non-invasive mood stabilization

Quick symptom improvement

Treats depression, anxiety, and OCD

Alternative for anti-depressants

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*PrTMS® Powered By PeakLogic®


We understand there may be questions. If you don't find your answers here, please contact us!

Interested In Additional Resources?
Is Ketamine covered by insurance?

Intranasal esketamine (Spravato) may be. Ketamine is not currently covered but we remain one of the many clinics working with legislation and insurance companies to one day secure coverage

Is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation covered by insurance?

TMS may be covered for Treatment Resistant Depression and OCD.

Is PrTMS covered by insurance?

Your insurance may cover the cost of some of your PrTMS® treatment. Speak with the staff to discover more.

PrTMS® Powered By PeakLogic®

How long does it take for Ketamine to start working?

Intravenous Ketamine begins working in just hours.

How many sessions of Ketamine do I need?

The standard protocol is 6 IV sessions followed by maintenance infusions based on your individual response.

What is the Philanthropic Division about?

Our Founders deeply believe in giving back and our philanthropic division is a large focus of our clinic. You can find out how you can partner to bring our excellent services to the veteran community and families navigating the autism spectrum.


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