PrTMS for PTSD in Military Combat Veterans

Revolutionize PTSD treatment with personalized-rTMS: harnessing spectral EEG guidance to optimize symptom resolution and enhance cortical activity, offering hope to combat veterans for significant clinical improvement.

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Synchronizing Brain Activity

Unlock the secrets of your brain's timing with groundbreaking research revealing how alpha EEG oscillations predict visual reaction time, paving the way for a healthier and more informed you!

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PrTMS for the Treatment of Concussions

Discover the future of concussion treatment with Personalized Repetitive Magnetic Stimulation (PrTMS), offering promising results in improving symptoms and normalizing brain activity.

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Unlocking the potential of personalized repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation guided by spectral electroencephalogram, this groundbreaking approach aims to revolutionize therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder, offering hope for enhanced outcomes and greater accessibility.

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Autism In Children

Discover the promising potential of individual alpha frequency-guided repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (IAF-rTMS) as a safe and effective intervention for improving autism spectrum disorder (ASD) symptoms and enhancing quality of life in children.

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A study on the use of noninvasive cerebral trans-magnetic stimulation with customized frequency modulation for the treatment of autism behaviors.

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Amongst military personnel and veterans, there have been more than 350,000 diagnoses of TBI; an estimated 98,000 of these will also be diagnosed with PTSD. Nearly a quarter of all military personnel will, at some point, be diagnosed with TBI and/or PTSD at some point in their lives.

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