Honoring & Serving Others

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BHR Illinois' passion is to provide access to breakthrough treatments for veterans, first responders, and people with autism who may otherwise lack the means to receive life changing treatment.

These vital programs improve the lives of those with autism and honor the service of veterans and first responders, helping to reduce the alarming rate of suicides within this population.

‍BHR Illinois’ passionate philanthropic mission is rooted in the belief that the ongoing transformations in brain and mental health care treatments have the power to profoundly enhance the well-being of clients. 

BHR Illinois integrates precision neuromodulation protocols with other evolving cutting edge treatments, offering comprehensive solutions to the behavioral health crisis faced by these populations.

Brain Health Restoration Illinois is dedicated to forging a path towards a better quality of life for veterans in distress, people with autism, and their families.

Ask Us How You Can Help

If you feel called to join us in honoring and serving others, please send us an email!